SmarterMRP Solutions for the Auto Parts Industry

As a manufacturer in the automotive industry, you face significant challenges: effectively managing logistics and supply chain, labor, and sustainability initiatives.

Why SmarterMRP for Auto Parts?

The auto parts industry requires meticulous coordination of supply chains, production schedules, and inventory levels to meet the dynamic demands of automotive manufacturing. SmarterMRP is crafted to ensure that auto parts manufacturers can achieve this balance, delivering efficiency and quality in a highly competitive market.

How SmarterMRP Streamlines Auto Parts Manufacturing

Through sSCM, SmarterMRP optimizes supply chain logistics, managing the complexities of material flow. sMRPII addresses production and inventory planning, ensuring lean operations and just-in-time manufacturing, while sDMM manages product variants effectively.

What SmarterMRP Delivers for Auto Parts

Supply Chain Optimization:

sSCM for managing dynamic supply chain requirements.

Production and Inventory Planning:

sMRPII for real-time inventory adjustments and production scheduling.

Product Variant Management:

sDMM for handling the extensive range of auto part variations.

Quality Compliance:

sMES for meeting stringent industry standards.

Tailored Manufacturing Orders:

sMRPII generates orders considering every process and resource constraint.

Monitor and control production throughout your supply chain

As a manufacturer in the automotive industry, you face significant challenges: effectively managing logistics and supply chain, labor, and sustainability initiatives, to name a few. The more areas of the value stream working together the better the outcome. With a real-time manufacturing operations management solution

Quality Assurance

Enhance product quality through statistical process control and real-time data to promptly address non-conformance events.

History and Traceability

Collect manufacturing data for each component, including the date/time of each operation, recorded measurements, batch information, and any treatment or finishing details.

Automotive Production Process Analysis

Generate detailed reports and quality data gathered from machines.

Increased Productivity

Increase productivity through measurement and automated corrective and preventive action using tasks and journals.

Our customers speak for Us

Juanma Gonzalez

Production, Planning & Scheduling Coordinator in NISSAN

"Now (with SmarterMRP), we don't have waiting times, we don't have overloads, it's very agile, it allows us to have a data master maintenance, to know what we have and all this with many production lines, now we have 50 lines of work and the truth is that SmarterMRP has improved us a lot on a day-to-day basis, and we also synchronize suppliers to deliver to the plant."

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