SmarterMRP Solutions for the Chemical Industry

Chemical producers of all types, operate complex manufacturing operations with extended supply chains. SmarterMRP is designed to give you visibility into real-time production data, and tools to manage your operation for chemical manufacturing more effectively using data.

Why SmarterMRP for the Chemical Industry?

SmarterMRP addresses the unique complexities and stringent regulatory demands of the chemical sector. Our suite ensures compliance, precise formula management, and comprehensive batch traceability—key factors for maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality.

How SmarterMRP Empowers the Chemical Industry

By utilizing sDMM for formula and inventory management, sMES for process control and monitoring, and sMRPII for generating detailed manufacturing orders, SmarterMRP creates a cohesive manufacturing environment. Each module is designed to consider the specific production constraints and resource requirements unique to chemical processing.

What SmarterMRP Delivers for Chemical

Advanced Formula Management:

Ensuring accuracy in chemical compositions with sDMM.

Complete Batch Traceability:

Tracking materials at every stage for quality and compliance through sMES.

Efficient Production Optimization:

Streamlining operations from mixing to distribution with sMRPPI

Demand and Inventory Planning:

sSCM forecasts sales and manages procurement, considering alternative suppliers and materials to maintain continuous production flow.

Production Order Precision:

sMRPII generates detailed manufacturing orders, considering every operational nuance, including alternative components & suppliers

The formula for a more efficient and cost-effective operation

Manufacturers of a wide range of chemicals, ranging from specialty organic chemicals to bulk inorganic chemicals, biofuels and fertilizers, operate complex manufacturing operations with extended supply chains.

SmarterMRP has been designed with the purpose of providing you with real-time visibility into production data, as well as tools to more efficiently manage your chemical manufacturing operations using data, including monitoring overall equipment effectiveness, statistical process control, electronic records and much more.


Check supplier-supplied materials through rigorous digital tracking to ensure safety and minimize the likelihood of removal.

Electronic Records

Optimize your record-keeping process by implementing automation for tasks such as tracking changes, actions, recorded data, and electronic signatures, facilitating the development of a comprehensive audit trail.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Increase productivity and automated corrective and preventive action using tasks and journals.

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