SmarterMRP Solutions for the Electronics Industry

As a manufacturer in the electronics industry, you face significant challenges: effectively managing logistics and supply chain, labor, and sustainability initiatives.

Why SmarterMRP for Electronics?

The electronics industry requires meticulous coordination of supply chains, production schedules, and inventory levels to meet the dynamic demands of electronic manufacturing. SmarterMRP is designed to ensure that electronics manufacturers can achieve this balance, delivering efficiency and quality in a highly competitive market.

How SmarterMRP Optimizes Electronic Component Manufacturing

Through sSCM, SmarterMRP optimizes supply chain logistics, managing the complexities of material flow. sMRPII addresses production and inventory planning, ensuring lean operations and just-in-time manufacturing, while sDMM effectively manages product variants.

What SmarterMRP Delivers for Electronic Components

Supply Chain Optimization:

sSCM for managing dynamic supply chain requirements.

Production and Inventory Planning:

sMRPII for real-time inventory adjustments and production scheduling.

Product Variant Management:

sDMM for handling the extensive range of electronic component variations.

Quality Compliance:

sMES for meeting stringent industry standards.

Tailored Manufacturing Orders:

sMRPII generates orders considering every process and resource constraint.

Our customers speak for Us

Manuel Jimenez

Corporate Industrial Director of P4Q

"Every day, we innovate at P4Q to respond to the challenges of our clients, combining our 25 years of experience in electronic manufacturing with the latest technologies such as Big Data, Cloud Analytics, or Artificial Intelligence . The reason we opted for digitalization (including SmarterMRP) was, on one hand, the growth we have experienced in recent years, and on the other hand, the level of complexity that has arisen in the electronic components market, which has made it very difficult for us to maintain deadlines, meet schedules, and has forced us to constantly change our plans."

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