🌟 Exciting Times in Brussels! 🌟

We had an incredible experience at the Siemens EMEA Partner Congress, diving into the heart of innovation and technology alongside global leaders in the manufacturing sector.

During the event, we presented the success story of P4Q, a high-tech company that has successfully implemented our solutions to transform their manufacturing operations, logistics, and supply chain management. With Siemens Opcenter APS and our Smarter Supply Chain solution, P4Q has overcome the most complex challenges in supply chain planning.

👏 Special thanks to our CEO, Carlos Bayona, and our Director of Consulting, David Loidi Nigra-Maccono Loidi, for their inspiring presentations.
Our SmarterMRP project, developed on the Siemens Low Code platform Mendix, was also a highlight. We extend our gratitude to our strategic partner, Incentro, for their exceptional collaboration in developing this product.

We also want to thank P4Q for allowing us to share their success story and for providing the valuable materials for our presentation, which were key in clearly explaining their company and case.

A heartfelt thank you to all who made this event an unforgettable experience! We are leaving with many ideas and the energy to continue transforming the sector.

We are thrilled to support you on your journey to digital transformation.
We appreciate the valuable feedback received from the organizers as well as from many of the attendees regarding our presentation and our project.

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