SmarterMRP Solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

As a food and beverage manufacturer, you operate in a fast-paced, highly-regulated environment where profit margins are razor thin. You are also faced with handling an increasing number of product types which means shorter runs with more changeovers, more ingredients to track, etc. 

Why SmarterMRP for Food & Beverage?

In the Food & Beverage industry, where quality and compliance intersect with efficiency, SmarterMRP delivers tailored solutions. We address the critical needs of recipe management, product traceability, supply chain optimization, and quality control with specialized capabilities in our sDMM and sMES modules.

How SmarterMRP Enhances F&B Operations

SmarterMRP integrates vertical functionalities within sDMM for managing complex recipes and ingredient substitutions, and sMES for real-time quality monitoring. sMRPII uniquely generates production orders across all levels, considering the specific production constraints of each process and resource.

What SmarterMRP Offers for Food & Beverage

Advanced Recipe and Formulation Management:

sDMM ensures precise control over ingredient specifications and variations.

Comprehensive Product Traceability:

sMES tracks from raw materials to finished goods, simplifying recalls and alerts.

Supply Chain Optimization:

sSCM & sMRPII enhances demand planning and inventory management, minimizing waste and improving product turnover.

Specialized Production Order Generation:

sMRPII considers every production constraint, ensuring that each order reflects the nuanced needs of F&B processes.

Integrated Quality Control:

sMES offers immediate quality checks and adjustments to maintain high standards.

Strategic Purchase Order Management:

sMRPII optimizes procurement by evaluating alternative suppliers and raw materials.

Analyze our own and subcontracted workload

Use a digital production tracking system to verify materials supplied by suppliers, ensuring safety and minimising the risk of product recalls.

Evaluate material requirements and costs

Raise quality through the use of Statistical Process Control and the use of real-time data to immediately address deviations

Analyze margins and deadlines before accepting an order.

Improve productivity by implementing automated measurements and corrective and preventive actions through tasks and records.

The formula for a more efficient and cost-effective operation

The food and beverage industry is one that is constantly in flux. New consumer trends, emerging technologies and changing market forces mean this industry is one that has to continue to evolve and adapt. 

In SmarterMRP we have developed specific functionalities for this sector to facilitate the planning and control of operations.

Our customers speak for Us

Goyo Benito


"We have a business that in this case is food, the production was pizzas, and we believed that it was a high challenge for the project, we understood that, if we covered that complexity of business rules in this production model, that the rest could really be carried out with solvency. I think the experience with SmarterMRP was very satisfactory"

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