Industrial equipment

Manufacturing is experiencing a shift towards both more customization and shorter lead times. ETO has the potential to achieve fast-paced bespoke manufacturing, but only if companies leverage the right tools for the job.

Why SmarterMRP for Industrial Equipment?

SmarterMRP rises to the challenge of the industrial equipment sector, which requires high levels of customization and swift production. Our solutions, tailored for ETO and complex project-based manufacturing, fill the critical gaps left by standard ERP systems.

How SmarterMRP Operates in Industrial Equipment

SmarterMRP’s sDMM module streamlines project creation and BOM management, while sMES provides comprehensive departmental task reporting and S-curve analysis for both product engineering and production. This robust integration with ERP and PLM systems facilitates precise operational planning and execution.

What SmarterMRP Provides for Industrial Equipment

Project-Centric BOM Creation:

Easy generation of BOM and MBOM within sDMM tailored for each project or product.

Real-Time Project Tracking:

Utilize sMES for S-curve analysis and detailed engineering and production task reporting.

Seamless ERP and PLM Integration:

Ensuring that all project data is synchronized across your enterprise systems.

The formula for a more efficient and cost-effective operation

The manufacturing of industrial equipment, and specifically Engineering to Order manufacturing, requires planning and operations management functionalities that are very different from the rest of the manufacturing companies.

In SmarterMRP we have developed specific functionalities for this sector to facilitate the planning and control of operations from product engineering to manufacturing and equipment subcontracting.

Analyze our own and subcontracted workload

Use a digital production tracking system to verify materials supplied by suppliers, ensuring safety and minimising the risk of product recalls.

Evaluate material requirements and costs

Raise quality through the use of Statistical Process Control and the use of real-time data to immediately address deviations

Analyze margins and deadlines before accepting an order.

Improve productivity by implementing automated measurements and corrective and preventive actions through tasks and records.

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"Your support has been very positive, you are very technically solvent for all the doubts and all the issues that have come up, and the truth is that the experience has been very positive."

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