SmarterMRP Solutions for the Life Sciences Sector

Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology,… industries can use standard ERP systems for most of their business management processes, but in the operation and supply chain management there are other processes that are not covered by any ERP in the market, which are currently managed in spreadsheets or with home-made applications.

Why SmarterMRP for Life Sciences?

The life sciences field requires unwavering compliance and meticulous precision. SmarterMRP is specifically engineered to fulfill these intricate demands, enhancing everything from regulatory adherence to advanced product development.

How SmarterMRP Empowers Life Sciences

Through its suite of applications, SmarterMRP orchestrates complex processes, from formulation management with sDMM to ensuring quality and traceability with sMES. sSCM extends this capability to strategic sales forecasting and resource planning, offering a five-year strategic outlook essential for estimating the long-term needs of machinery and specialized personnel.

What SmarterMRP Delivers for Life Sciences

Formulation and Batch Management:

Precision in product formulation and traceability with sDMM.

Quality Assurance:

Real-time quality control processes within sMES.

Strategic Resource Planning:

A long-term vision with sSCM for tactical work order planning and a 5-year strategic machinery and staffing roadmap aligned with business growth.

Production Order Precision:

sMRPII generates detailed manufacturing orders, considering every operational nuance, including API sourcing and alternative suppliers.

The formula for a more efficient and cost-effective operation

As a life sciences manufacturer — including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical devices — you operate in a high-volume environment where quality is paramount. After all, the value of your brand is tied closely to the quality of just one or several products. You’re focused on optimizing operations, to increase quality and productivity, and add a few more points to the bottom line. SmarteMRP can help.


Check supplier-supplied materials through rigorous digital tracking to ensure safety and minimize the likelihood of removal.

Electronic Records

Optimize your record-keeping process by implementing automation for tasks such as tracking changes, actions, recorded data, and electronic signatures, facilitating the development of a comprehensive audit trail.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Increase productivity and automated corrective and preventive action using tasks and journals.

Our customers speak for Us

Jaime Lopez

IT Corporate Director of FAES FARMA

"We did a small market research because there are an infinite number of tools, and we made the decision to go with you and the applications that you proposed to us after visiting another SmarterMRP user, a Pharmaceutical lab similar to us that had advanced its problems with your tool, and we saw that it solved it and we decided to apply it to us with our adaptations and our problems"

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