Mastering Data Integration and Cloud Connectivity

sDMM stands as the central hub for data integration, connecting and consolidating information from diverse sources such as databases, web services, or direct file imports.

Why sDMM?

sDMM serves as a pivotal element in modern manufacturing, adept at eliminating data silos and enhancing data quality across your enterprise. It achieves this by seamlessly absorbing data from user-generated content like Excel, streamlining it into a cloud-based, single source of truth that is consistently reliable and accessible by authorized users from anywhere at any time.

How sDMM Works.

sDMM acts as the ultimate middleware, capable of integrating with any current or future system within the company. This versatile nature of sDMM is showcased in the ‘Integrations‘ section of our website, where it stands as a testament to its adaptability and future-proof architecture.

What sDMM Delivers

Real-Time Global Access:

Leveraging the cloud to provide data availability to authorized users across the globe, facilitating an always-on, interconnected business environment.

Data Duplication Elimination:

Ensuring data integrity by preventing overlap and redundancy across users and systems.

Centralized Information Repository:

Serving as the single, consolidated hub for all essential data needed by systems like MRPII, APS, and MES, sDMM drastically cuts down system implementation times by avoiding makeshift integrations.

Our customers speak for Us

Jaime Lopez

IT Corporate Director of FAES FARMA

"From the point of view of working with SmarterMRP, for IT very well because the business problem, which in the end is what is most difficult to bring to the tool, is something that you have assumed with the production team that was the one who did the dialogue and transferred to the tool. We integrated it with all our systems (SAP and others)."

Jaira de Quevedo

Head of Planning of P4Q

"The initial situation was that we had too much information, and what it did was make it impossible to carry out proper planning with obsolete methods such as Excel. With the new platform (SmarterMRP), we achieved the automation of tasks and, above all, sharing updated information in real-time with the rest of the teams. In this way, all people have the same information, and consequently, workflow is improved."


SmarterMRP Suite puts down the barriers to better face the Industrial challenges

Connect and Integrate with the Existing Software Ecosystem  ecosystem.

sDMM stands as the central core that orchestrates the integration of all sMRP modules and other software within your enterprise. Its fundamental function is to ensure seamless interconnection and effective integration, enabling an efficient flow of information between systems and eliminating data duplication or discrepancies, leading to significant improvements in production management. 

Rapid and Secure Import from Various Data Sources 

sDMM simplifies the integration of information from multiple sources, including databases, web services, and file imports. Its speed and security ensure that data is centralized and available in real-time for the entire company, enhancing information management efficiency.

Advanced Productive Information Management

sDMM’s goal is to provide a unified repository for managing information related to production or projects. For process-oriented companies, it enables the definition of detailed roadmaps, material lists with versions, product attributes, and time change matrices. 

Centralization and Maintenance of Operational Data in a Single System.

Designed to integrate all productive information, sDMM feeds essential systems that rely on this master data: Quality Systems, Sequencers, Planners, Production Management Systems, and more, ensuring coherent and effective data management. 

Control of Access and Modification of Critical Company Data .

Furthermore, sDMM allows for rigorous change control, providing detailed tracking of which user modified information and when, thus safeguarding the integrity of sensitive company data. 

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