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Nissan’s remarkable success with SmarterMRP has redefined the standards of manufacturing efficiency and innovation. Now, we are opening the doors for international distributors to bring this transformation to their markets. Discover the opportunity to revolutionize production planning and control in your region, following the successful footsteps of Nissan.

Nissan’s Achievements with SmarterMRP:


  • Standardized Planning Processes: Nissan has achieved unparalleled consistency and efficiency in operations.
  • Elimination of Non-Value Activities: Significant reduction in manual tasks, focusing efforts on impactful processes.
  • Reduced Errors in Manual Operations: Automation has minimized human errors, enhancing reliability.
  • Tailored Manufacturing Plans: Nissan now creates detailed, actionable manufacturing plans for immediate and future needs without the necessity for intermediate stock.

Hear It From Nissan

Juan Manuel González López

Coordinator Production and Scheduling of Nissan

Juan Manuel González López of Nissan states, "SmarterMRP's adaptability has been crucial for meeting our plant's unique production requirements, allowing us to manage orders effectively and coordinate with suppliers without needing intermediate or final product stock. With 50 active production lines, the impact on our daily operations and supplier synchronization has been significant."

Why Distribute SmarterMRP?

Joining as a SmarterMRP distributor offers the chance to introduce a game-changing solution to your market. A solution that has not only been validated by one of the automotive industry’s giants but also offers extensive possibilities for customization and efficiency improvements.


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