Advanced Forecasting for Agile Supply Chain Management

The aim of the SCM module is to manage sales forecasts or forecasts in order to obtain reliable, dynamic data on which to base a strategic forecast in the long/medium term.

Why sSCM?

sSCM addresses the critical need for strategic resource planning in MTS operations, where ERP systems and traditional spreadsheet methods fall short. It delivers a sophisticated solution that aligns resource allocation with production demands, enhancing the planning of personnel and specialized production resources.

How sSCM Works

Leveraging diverse data inputs, sSCM crafts a robust forecasting model. This proactive system adapts projections in real-time, offering ‘WHAT IF’ scenarios to anticipate future market needs and operational infrastructure requirements.

What sSCM Delivers

sSCM transcends traditional sales forecasts, providing strategic tools for medium to long-term resource planning. It integrates seamlessly with sMRPII to ensure precise forecasting, enabling strategic resource allocation and supporting informed supply chain decisions.

Our customers speak for Us

Jaime Lopez

IT Corporate Director of FAES FARMA

"Objective was long-term planning since we work under a forecast of demand and the more capacity, and the objective was 5 years, you could have in the system so much better. We did a small market research because there are an infinite number of tools, and we made the decision to go with you and production is improved."

Idoia Zarrandikoetxea

IT Manager of P4Q

"A project where there was not only a planning tool, but there were also other tools that we were not even aware we needed, covering more areas of the supply chain. So this made the success of the project move forward, making it crucial. Regarding the integration of the application, we had no fear because from the beginning what we were looking for was the application to be scalable, with a key market technology, with growth capacity, future, a marked product strategy,"

sSCM Funcionalities

Find out how our sSCM solution works and how it can help your business move forward

Demand planning.

The SCM module is designed to manage sales projections, aiming to produce dependable and dynamic data as the foundation for long-term and mid-term strategic forecasting.

Integration of business data into the operational planning process.

It draws on various sources: historical sales, past projections, and even upcoming forecasts provided by the sales team. This module facilitates the management and adjustment of these projections to better align with reality, mitigating potential future discrepancies. It’s not uncommon for forecast data entered into systems to be somewhat unreliable for operational teams. As a result, they often resort to manual adjustments. This module ensures a comprehensive record, involving relevant stakeholders and seamlessly integrating the data at its source.

Strategic vision for operational resource planning.

it factors in confirmed upcoming orders, adjusting the projections for each period, ensuring the forecastsremain dynamic and adaptive.

Simulation of strategic WHAT IT scenarios with various data sets.

The SCM module also provides initial planning capabilities, offering estimates for medium to long-term resource requirements, be it manpower or material assets, aligned with the sales projections. Additionally, it can generate ‘WHAT IF’ scenarios to simulate company sales growth, allowing the business to anticipate operational infrastructure needs, such as staff recruitment, training, or machinery acquisition.

Analysis of deviations between planned and carried out.

These scenarios serve as tools for planning future investments and for monitoring discrepancies between planned objectives and actual outcomes, providing timely adjustments for the remaining duration.

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