SmarterMRP Impulsa la Revolución Industrial en Advanced Factories

SmarterMRP Leads the Industrial Revolution at Advanced Factories

This year at the prestigious Advanced Factories expo, SmarterMRP stood out with the launch of our groundbreaking solution: SmarterMRP Next Gen. At our booth, we welcomed over 200 visitors who were excited to discover how we are redefining MES and MRP systems.


Innovation Without Boundaries

SmarterMRP Next Gen is a revolutionary breakthrough in the industry, eliminating traditional restrictions such as per-user or per-machine fees. Supported by the technology of Mendix (a Siemens Company), our platform allows businesses of any size, from small firms to large corporations, to customize and adapt the software without reliance on the manufacturer. The customization capabilities are so extensive that any technician certified by Mendix worldwide can tailor our product to meet specific business needs.

An Impact That Resonates

The presentation by our CEO at the Industry 4.0 Congress was a pivotal moment, drawing dozens of attendees to our booth requesting product demos and factory visits to integrate SmarterMRP with their current systems, replacing outdated solutions and spreadsheets.


Join the Industrial Revolution

If you missed the opportunity to visit our booth or to hear our CEO speak, do not worry. We invite you to request a demonstration of SmarterMRP Next Gen or a visit to your factory through the form available on our website. Now is your chance to move towards a more agile and efficient enterprise!

For International Partners Looking to Expand Their Portfolio

Are you interested in becoming a distributor and enhancing your current product offerings with SmarterMRP? We invite you to schedule a demo or a meeting to evaluate how SmarterMRP can help you drive more sales alongside your existing portfolio.

Request a Demo or Meeting

SmarterMRP is not just a tool, but a fundamental shift towards automated and intelligent factories, aligned with the trends and demands of Industry 4.0. This year, Advanced Factories emphasized the importance of automation and robotization, underscoring that the future lies in continual innovation.

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