SmarterMRP Next Gen Revolution

Turning Pains into Solutions

We tackle the challenges of modern manufacturing head-on, transforming every complication into an opportunity for improvement and growth. With SmarterMRP Next Gen, we raise the industry standard, offering solutions for all industry sectors and all company sizes.

Take your operations to the next level with SmarterMRP Next Gen, the key to meeting and exceeding your business goals:

Sector-specific solutions:

We have specific solutions for sectors such as Electronics, Automotive, Capital Goods, Food, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals, avoiding having to make costly developments in your ERP.

Unprecedented adaptability:

Our solution adapts to your current and future requirements, always putting you one step ahead.

Seamless Connectivity:

Full integration with your IT ecosystem, including standard connectors with market leaders such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Siemens, Dassault Systèmes…

Agile Deployment:

Activate your system in weeks, not months, with a return on investment in less than a year.

Cloud Native and SaaS (and On-Premise Option):

Live the technology revolution with our cloud platform, designed to give you maximum agility and efficiency, adapting also to be installed in your company according to your needs.

Low-Code Solution Spotlights" Webinar and How to Get the Recording

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our recent “Low-Code Solution Spotlights” webinar! It was a fantastic event, rich with insights and discussions on how SmarterMRP’s innovative solutions, powered by Mendix, are transforming industries and streamlining operations.

Why you should choose SmarterMRP?

In today’s dynamic industry, where every moment and detail is key, SmarterMRP emerges as the ideal solution. We excel at addressing those critical gaps that ERP and production management systems fail to fill, eradicating reliance on spreadsheets and turning complexity into clarity.

Our platform is a perfect fit for any industry, whether discrete or process manufacturing, from capital goods to pharmaceuticals, providing adaptable solutions for every need.

SmarterMRP helps you overcome:

SmarterMRP is an end-to-end solution that revolutionises manufacturing operations by synchronising the flow of critical information and processes, all from the convenience of the cloud. Thanks to the innovative low-code Mendix platform, we guarantee exceptional integration and adaptability, allowing users to customise and drive their implementation intuitively.

Over-reliance on Excel: By automating and simplifying complex processes.

Inaccurate data: We ensure accuracy and reliability of information.

Lack of synchronisation between systems: We promote complete -and seamless integration.

System adaptability: We facilitate easy adaptability through Low Code.

Additional costs per user or machine:pay-per-use, not pay-per-user.

Explore all the solutions of SmarterMRP

Each component of our suite – sDMM, sMRPII, sSCM, and sMES – has been meticulously designed to work harmoniously both together and independently, ensuring complete harmony with your company’s existing infrastructure.

This allows us to offer a scalable and versatile solution that meets the specific demands of any industry sector.

Manufacturing Execution System

MES is a platform for supervising, monitoring and controlling the production process in factories.

Manufacturing Resource and Material Planning

MRP is a system for calculating the materials and components needed to manufacture a product

Supply Chain Management

SCM centrally controls and links the production, shipping and distribution of a product.

Data Management & Midleware

DMM allows your company to store and integrate all production-related information.

Featured Project

Integrate with your company existing sytems.

Talk to implementation experts and get it done quickly and efficiently. Create meaningful individual and group connections with the tools your company has right now. Trust SmarterMRP

We are behind the progress of leading companies:

These success stories are just a sample of how SmarterMRP drives innovation. For a full immersion into their transformative experiences, visit our YouTube channel. Discover why leading companies choose SmarterMRP to take their production to the next level.

“The initial situation was that we had too much information, and what it did was make it impossible to carry out proper planning with obsolete methods such as Excel. With the new platform (SmarterMRP), we achieved the automation of tasks and, above all, sharing updated information in real-time with the rest of the teams. In this way, all people have the same information, and consequently, workflow is improved.”

Jaira de Quevedo

Head of Planning, P4Q

“Taking all that information and bringing it down to the plant, which in the end is the important thing: that each operator, each work group, knows what they have to do at all times and that all that data is recorded, and then the KPIs are extracted, traceable,
and production is improved.”

Francisco Serrano


“working with sMRP II, which has solved and improved our Schedule, that allows us to generate orders following the criteria of our production, it allows us to generate a unique input to bring it down to production or to send it to our suppliers, and all this without working with intermediate stocks and without stock of final product, which is something very important.”

Juanma Gonzalez

Coordinator Production Planning & Scheduling, NISSAN

“Objective was long-term planning since we work under a forecast of demand and the more capacity, and the objective was 5 years, you could have in the system so much better. We did a small market research because there are an infinite number of tools, and we made the decision to go with you and production is improved.”

Jaime Lopez

IT Corporate Director, FAES FARMA

Diverse industries, Common challenges

SmarterMRP with its 26 years of experience has been implemented in a wide variety of sectors, such as automotive, chemical, food and beverage, life sciences, etc.


As a manufacturer in the automotive industry, you face significant challenges: effectively managing logistics and supply chain, labor, and sustainability initiatives, to name a few.


The electronics industry requires meticulous coordination of supply chains, production schedules, and inventory levels to meet the dynamic demands of electronic manufacturing

Industrial Equipment

Manufacturing is experiencing a shift towards both more customization and shorter lead times. ETO has the potential to achieve fast-paced bespoke manufacturing, but only if companies leverage the right tools for the job.

Food And Beverage

As a food and beverage manufacturer, you operate in a fast-paced, highly-regulated environment where profit margins are razor thin. You are also faced with handling an increasing number of product types which means shorter runs with more changeovers, more ingredients to track, etc. 

Life Science

As a life sciences manufacturer  including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical devices you operate in a high-volume environment where quality is paramount. After all, the value of your brand is tied closely to the quality of just one or several products.

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